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About Me

Yoga Shortlands

I practiced yoga for 20 years before I realised I didn't just enjoy it, I needed it.  I can remember saying that I felt scrunched up when I couldn't get to a class.  At the time I meant physically scrunched, but I now realise I also meant mentally scrunched.  Yoga has helped me develop mental and emotional resilience, and has been a key part of my recovery from trauma.  Yoga helps me feel grounded, calm, and more spacious in body and mind.

I have a degree in Psychology and MSc in Health Psychology, and have many years experience in mental health and recovery settings.  I use this education and experience, alongside my yoga therapy training, to plan classes and sessions that support mental health and resilience.


Relevant training:

  • BSc Psychology, Loughborough

  • MSc Health Psychology, Canterbury

  • 580 Hr Diploma in Yoga Therapy, The Minded Institute. Accredited by BCYT

  • YTT 200, Dylan Ayaloo Training Institute

  • CET Yoga for PTSD & Trauma, Minded Institute 

  • CET Yin Yoga, Norman Blair

  • Breathwork, Ben Wollf

  • CET Yoga for Teens, Calm for Kids 

  • CET Yoga Hands on Assists and Bodywork, Jambo Dragon School

  • CET Assisting School, Sunday School Yoga

  • Yoga for Injured Students, Andrew McGonigle 

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