About Me

Yoga Shortlands

I practiced yoga for 20 years before I realised I didn't just enjoy it, I needed it.  I can remember saying that I felt scrunched up when I couldn't get to a class.  At the time I meant physically scrunched, but I realise now I also meant mentally scrunched.  Yoga has helped me develop mental and emotional resilience, and has been a key part of my recovery from trauma.  

Many people are intimidated by yoga classes. They feel anxious they wont be able to do it, are worried about large classes and getting left behind, or are concerned they will get asked to do poses they don't feel ready for.  My classes are small to ensure that people get the attention they need to develop their confidence.  I encourage people to notice how their body,  emotions, and mind feel during each class and adjust their practice accordingly.

I have a degree in Psychology alongside an MSc in Health Psychology, and I worked in mental health for over a decade. When I trained as a yoga teacher it felt intuitive to combine yoga and mental health.

I have trained in yoga therapy for anxiety, trauma and PTSD.  I am currently undertaking a 2 year training to become a certified Yoga Therapist; this will enable me to teach yoga therapy for a wide range of physical and mental health conditions.


Relevant training:

  • BSc Psychology, Loughborough

  • MSc Health Psychology, Canterbury

  • YTT 200, Dylan Ayaloo Training Institute

  • CET Yoga for PSTD & Trauma, Minded Institute 

  • CET Yin Yoga Norman Blair

  • Breathwork, Ben Wollf

  • Breath Assessment, Minded Institute

  • Rewiring the Anxious Brain Through Yoga, Minded Institute

  • Yoga Nidra for Mental Health, Minded Institute

  • CET Yoga for Teens, Calm for Kids 

  • CET Yoga Hands on Assists and Bodywork, Jambo Dragon School

  • CET Assisting School, Sunday School Yoga

  • Yoga for Injured Students,

  • Diploma in Yoga Therapy, Minded Institute - in progress