I had my first class with Helen in September 18. I had just been to my first yoga class elsewhere and although I enjoyed it I felt I wanted something a bit more challenging.  I saw Helen's poster on the Rugby Club's wall offering power yoga and decided to give it a go.  It was the best decision I have made and I can honestly say Helen has changed my life! I am definitely not an airy fairy soppy sort of girl and what always put me off yoga was the thought that it would be all incense sticks and chanting and whilst that is great if it's your kind of thing it is definitely not mine.  Helen's classes are challenging in as much as you can push yourself but only to a point you are comfortable with.  I had no real previous experience of yoga when I first joined her class but I never felt anything other than encouraged by both her and her other students.  You can build up a sweat and push yourself to your absolute limit, or you can simply rest in child's pose - whatever you feel like doing is encouraged by Helen and everyone is super friendly in her classes; her vibe definitely attracts her tribe. What I particularly love about Helen is that she gives you the science behind what she is teaching you.  She has taught me how to breathe properly, which has massively helped my anxiety and depression.  She has taught me TRE which is amazing.  I have done her insomnia course and can now sleep through the night again after 15 years of broken sleep, and I cant wait to go on her retreat day in March.  I could go on and on about Helen, she is simply the best yoga teacher and one of the best human beings I have met. Go to one of her classes, you wont regret it!  - SD


I have found yoga more helpful than I expected.  I originally came to Helen with quite severe anxiety and stress and I was a complete yoga novice. I find Helen's classes a challenge, but I like that - I feel like I have achieved something and I usually ache the next day.  I notice that when I miss a week I start to feel twitchy and anxious so I know that yoga is doing me good.  Helen is very knowledgeable about yoga, and the mind, and beyond that she is very encouraging and kind.  I feel like I get much more than a yoga class, I also get a lot of education and emotional support.  Cannot recommend Helen's classes enough. - LB

I have PTSD and found Helen by accident.  I didn't really think that yoga could help me, but I was desperate so tried some 1-2-1's just to see.  After the first session I remember telling Helen that I got a glimpse of the old me again, and I had a bit of hope that things could change.  I have been having sessions for some months now and very slowly I do feel like things are changing...I am calmer and more in touch with how I feel, whereas before I just felt numb.  I am feeling stronger, both physically and mentally.  Sometimes I feel like I take a step backwards but I also have faith that it is temporary and I am still going the right way.  Helen is so supportive and understanding and I don't think I could have got the same benefits from a normal class. There is something about having someone that understands, and cares, and who can explain things clearly that I think is priceless. - PL

1-2-1 yoga has been a life line for me in more ways than one.  Helen has helped me battle chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression.  Out of everything I have tried to help my anxiety and depression (and I have tried every treatment under the sun) yoga has been the thing that has helped me the most. - HP


My personal mental health story probably started 4.5 years ago when my mum's cancer diagnosis moved to terminal. However it was only after the traumatic birth of my son, the shift into parenthood, and my father's sudden death that I finally admitted all was not well. With PND, PTSD and bereavement hanging over my head I started yoga with Helen (I last dabbled with yoga 5 or so years ago with an aim to have the flexibility of a gymnast).  This time around I am less concerned with flexibility as yoga offers me so much more; it softens the hum in my head and has taught me how to connect my mind and body (even if it's emotional).  I feel mentally and physically stronger and I am much more resilient to the ebbs and flow of life. I am sleeping better, I'm much more present and less anxious on a day to day basis. - CH

I've always thought breathing was just something you did and breathing techniques were mumbo jumbo...how wrong can you be.  Since starting yoga 4 months ago my life has changed for the better.  I have been claustrophic for many years; lifts and crowds being my main phobias which can make life difficult.  Now I find I am using breathing techniques all the time, and in the last few weeks have been able to get in lifts and trains without panicking.  I still don't like them and may never be entirely comfortable but learning to breathe and practicing yoga has made an enormous difference. - BB


I have tried gym yoga before but was always put off.  I didn't know what I was doing, the classes were so big I felt lost,  and usually left feeling like I hadn't done anything.  Helen's classes are different and that's why I love them - they are small groups and Helen will spend a lot of time showing me what to do and how to make the pose feel better/stronger so I leave feeling my body has been worked. I now feel like I actually know the poses properly and could probably walk into any yoga class and feel confident that I know what I am doing. -AR 


Anxiety had increasingly taken over my life and I had learnt to uncomfortably sit with it whilst wearing a very convincing mask to the world.  It was exhausting.  I constantly felt like my body was revving and firmly stuck simultaneously.  I decided to give yoga a go with Helen and I openly admit my resistance, both mentally and physically, was well known - it became a standing joke! I also decided that I hated the classes but for some reason I found myself returning, still resisting, twice a week. My hatred began to turn into a love:hate relationship as I began to notice every time I left a class a layer of 'something' had peeled away.  I felt calmer, more grounded, and I slept better too. Like many I went to yoga to increase my flexibility but that became an added bonus when I realised how incredibly effective yoga is for our mental health. I still resist somewhat but I still turn up and I feel far better than I did 18 months ago.  I know yoga helps alleviate my anxiety, I'm still working on the resistance.  - KW

I had been following Helen on Instagram for a few months and then in Febuary 18 started weekly 1-2-1's and it has been amazing! I started yoga for anxiety and it has changed my life in so many ways. Helen brings something very unique to a class that I have never found elsewhere. I have always been someone who has said no to a yoga class with other people; someone could suggest it and I would never entertain the idea - my low self esteem would not allow it. In June, with the help of my 1-2-1's  and Helen's positive and gentle encouragement I went to one of her classes which was fabulous. I never in a million years thought I would be able to practice yoga with other people but I did and I loved it, and that's all down to Helen encouraging me but with no expectation or pressure and for that I am so grateful.  I now try and go to 2 classes as week but I still make sure I can get in my 1-2-1 because I get something different from a 1-2-1 - we will adjust a session based on what's going on for me.  Helen's knowledge is priceless; it enables me to understand what is going on in my mind and body both on and off the mat. - NS


I have just finished the 'Yoga for Anxiety' course.  I wish it wasn't finishing, I have loved every second of it.  I found the course super interesting and helpful, especially understanding the science.  I use the techniques in my day to day life and feel much better for it.  I definitely feel calmer and think less irrationally.  It has changed me as a person which I really did not expect so I could not be more grateful. - LS

There really isn't anything I would change about the course (Yoga for Anxiety).  It was a great mix of yoga, mindfulness and breathing which have all been really helpful. I liked knowing why we were doing certain things and how it worked. I left each class feeling really chilled, like I could just go to sleep. - AB


I really enjoyed the course structure (Yoga for Mental Health) as it was a really good balance between practicing yoga, breathing exercises and learning the theory and biological explanations behind how it all helps to keep the mind and body healthy.  I really enjoyed the science bits as I find it very helpful when I can rationalise the physical symptoms of anxiety and better understand what I can do to help my brain and body through.  I found the breathing exercises really effective at taking me out of my head and they are a tool I use everyday.  I think one of the most postive things is how at ease I felt during the session.  I left feeling totally chilled out and I slept so well which, as someone who struggles with sleep, is a huge achievement.  Some group exercises for stress/anxiety actually end up triggering much higher levels of stress in my experience, but this did not at all.  - SM


Helen is so knowledgeable about yoga and mental health and I feel like I can ask her anything; from questions about my sleep pattern to questions about my diet. She is one of the least judgemental people I have met and whatever I say she just seems to 'get'.  I have spent many years feeling ashamed of my anxiety and trying to hide it, but everyone in Helen's classes are so lovely I feel like I can be myself and if I'm having a bad day no one minds. - AM

I have never done yoga before so was really nervous but found everything so calming.  I found it fascinating and am now much more aware of my breathing and how it effects my anxiety. I slept like a baby after the workshop (Mental Health Workshop).  It was a really enjoyable day. - HS

I have been having classes with Helen for 6 months but wanted to try the mental health workshop.  I found the day really helpfiul - having everything laid out at once was amazing.  When it is explained how much our breathing affects our mood it is so obvious, but I was completely unaware.  I loved the workshop and found it extremely relaxing to the point I fell asleep during the last meditation! - KP


I thought a 1-2-1 might be helpful as I have had knee and hip surgery (and need further surgery) and thought it might be helpful for the teacher to see what I could and couldn't do.  I quickly realised it was more about my own confidence and mainly my fear of certain movements; I am very guarded because of fear of injury and pain. Having 1-2-1's gave me more time to voice my concerns without feeling like I was holding the class up.  I learnt that there is no 'right' way to do yoga and I can get in the positions as best I can. When I joined a class, instead of fretting that I wasn't doing it right I was able to get into the pose the best way for me and feel happy.  I am now joining class lessons every week and feeling happy and confident with what I am doing. - SW