One-To-One Sessions

I offer one-to-one yoga sessions from my studio in Shortlands, Bromley. One-to-one yoga sessions can be particularly beneficial for anyone with mental or physical conditions/injuries, or for anyone who perhaps feels too nervous to join a yoga class. Many of my clients begin their yoga journey with a few one-to-ones before joining a weekly class.


One-to-one sessions are focused on the individual and their specific needs, and can be adapted to include yoga postures as well as breath work, meditation, and mindfulness techniques. 


Many of my clients are interested in improving their mental health and alleviating symptoms of stress & anxiety,  trauma & PTSD, and insomnia.  In these instances I use a yoga therapy approach.


What is yoga therapy?


All yoga is beneficial, but yoga therapy uses very specific yoga practices to help alleviate symptoms and improve wellbeing.  For example we may use particular breathwork techniques or a specific sequence of yoga poses to address a set of symptoms. Yoga therapy utilises the Kosha model; considering an individual in terms of 5 different layers (koshas) of body and mind.  Therapy aims to bring about improvements within each kosha, gently balancing all aspects of an individual's health.  Yoga therapy is specific to the individual, their history, and their needs.


I offer a yoga therapy approach for PTSD & Trauma,  Stress & Anxiety, and Insomnia.   I am currently undertaking an additional 2 year yoga therapy training to enable me to teach yoga therapy for physical conditions such as Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia.


One-to-one sessions are £55 per hour, or a reduced rate of £500 for a block of 10. 


I take payment for all sessions and classes in advance.  Refunds are available with 48 hours notice.  

Yoga Bromley

'If the promise of yoga on mental health was found in a drug, it would be the best selling medication worldwide'

EurekAlert, 2013