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Yoga Therapy

I offer one-to-one yoga therapy sessions from my studio in Shortlands, Bromley.  Yoga therapy is a holistic mind-body-soul practice, and can be beneficial for anyone with mental or physical conditions/injuries.  Yoga therapy can support people with long term conditions such as Parkinson's, anxiety, PTSD, as well as temporary experiences such as recovery from surgery, periods of insomnia, cancer treatment.  

Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy (YT) is based on  the Kosha model, which considers an individual in terms of 5 different layers/koshas of the self. 


YT  includes an assessment of the person based on these 5 layers  - physical body, energy body, mental body, wisdom body, bliss body - and identifies barriers to health and areas of imbalance.  Therapeutic work then seeks to restore balance to each layer through the application of the teaching and practices of yoga.   Addressing barriers and restoring balance to the layers can help improve symptoms and lead to greater feelings of well being. 


YT is based on the ancient wisdom and science of yoga, but is also grounded in modern day physiology and neuroscience.  Depending on your belief system and interests, yoga therapy sessions can be science based, yoga philosophy based, or a combination of both.

YT is highly specialised for the individual, their history, and their needs.  Sessions often include movement, rest, yoga nidra, breathwork, mindfulness/meditation but can also incorporate a wide range of other practices such as gratitude practice, mudra, mantra, journalling, self massage, accupressure. The content of each session will be based on the needs and wishes of the client, and as such will not include practices that feel uncomfortable or awkward to them. Sessions are client led, empathetic, and non judgemental. 

Please note:

I do not work online; all sessions take place in person from my home studio in Shortlands.  I also do not work with children or pregnancy.  If you would like online sessions, or need YT for pregnancy or a child I am happy to recommend colleagues who specialise in these areas


Initial sessions 90 mins - £100

Subsequent sessions 60 mins - £70

I find it is helpful to have an initial phone call (approx 15 mins) to discuss your condition/symptoms and what you would like to achieve through yoga therapy.   This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions and get a feel for whether you would like to work with me.  This phone call is very informal, confidential, and free.

You will be sent an intake form in advance of our first session, and initial sessions include discussion of this form,  your health history and current symptoms, as well as an exploration of how you move and breathe.

I ask people to commit to an initial block of 6 sessions.  Yoga works on a dose by dose basis and, much like training muscles in the gym, it takes time to notice any change.  Consistency is also crucial, ad hoc yoga is ineffective. 

I take payment for all sessions in advance.  Refunds are available with 48 hours notice.  

If you have needs that do not suit the above - for example if you require shorter sessions, please do feel free to send me a message and we can discuss options.

Yoga Bromley

'If the promise of yoga on mental health was found in a drug, it would be the best selling medication worldwide'

EurekAlert, 2013

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