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Courses & Workshops

Yoga for mental health


* Please note, all courses are on pause for the time being as I am very busy with one-to-one sessions and currently cannot fit the courses into my timetable.  I hope to be able to run them again in 2024 *

I currently offer 4 courses and workshops designed to support mental health and resilience:

  • Yoga for Stress & Anxiety 6 week course

  • Yoga for Insomnia & Sleep Recovery 5 week course 

  • Yoga for grief & bereavement 4 week course

  • Yoga for Mental Health 3 hour workshop

Courses/workshops include a range of yoga techniques such as movement, breathwork, meditation/mindful techniques, yoga nidra (yogic sleep). Each session also includes psychoeducation around physiology, body, brain, and environment as this this knowledge is crucial to better understanding symptoms and how to retrain the body mind back to health. Sleep in particular is highly influenced by environmental factors such as light, alcohol, caffeine, temperature and these are covered by the insomnia course.


These courses & workshop run several times a year from my studio in Shortlands, Bromley.  Please contact me for upcoming dates.

What are the benefits of yoga for mental health?

Yoga is an ancient practice that is, and always was, about the mind.  Yoga was designed to 'bring about a cessation in the fluctuations of the mind' but somewhere along the way the true purpose of yoga has been a little lost and many people now think of yoga as only being about flexibility or fitness. 


The benefits of yoga are numerous, with research finding new mental health benefits and their physiological mechanisms all the time.  To learn more about how yoga can help improve mental health please watch the short video below, or to read a blog article 

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